Restore Your Sense of Self by leaving behind the chaos of juggling work-life | Accountability Mastermind Program

How many times have you said to yourself recently...  “I just need to make it through this week, and then things will be better!” 

I work with female founders and professionals who have an overflowing to-do list. It shows up as feeling tired but restless at the same time, difficulty concentrating, and feeling guilty when you take a break.

You know self-care is important but the idea of taking a bath is just one more thing to do. You want to step away from the growing pressure of go-go-go, and the discomfort and exhaustion of back-to-back meetings without a bio break. Your to-do list gets longer every day and there doesn't seem to be enough time to get everything done at work and home.

It's getting harder to juggle all the work required of you at home and at work with aching joints, indigestion with bloating, weight gain, snoring, feeling anxious for no reason, nauseated or lethargic from eating, and not having as much energy as you used to. Your doctor may also have raised concerns about your blood pressure, cholesterol or blood sugar.

You are successful and driven to meet your objectives... and have been sacrificing your health along the way. Now is the time to invest in you!

Restore Your Sense of Self Group Coaching Program is for highly capable women who want to finish the week strong, feeling calm, focused, and centered. And more importantly, having the energy to live each day with ease!

This program is currently closed for a refresh.

I'd be delighted to support you on your journey. Let's chat! Send me a DM on Instagram @brookegordon_ca

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Guide: How to restore your focus in 60 seconds or less

Our body reacts to the anxiety of having a full to-do list. It shows up as feeling tired but restless at the same time, sore stomach and inconsistent bowel movements, difficulty concentrating, and holding their breath.

Let's work together on helping your restore your focus! 

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